Chris Brown Released From Los Angeles Jail

Troubled singer Chris Brown was released from a Los Angeles county jail early Monday morning, according to Sheriff's deputy Tony Moore.

The Sheriff said Brown was released at 12:01 am, however, no more information was given at this time. Chris Brown was arrested in March after he was kicked out from a court-ordered rehab sentence where he had allegedly violated its rules.

At a hearing last month, a judge ordered Brown to remain in custody after he admitted to the violation when he got into a fight while on probation outside a Washington, D.C. hotel in 2013.

On May 9, Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin handed down a sentence in which the R&B singer was ordered to serve an additional 131 days in jail, even though he was expected to be released earlier.

Judge Brandlin's ruled that Chris Brown had to serve a year in jail, but gave him credit for his time in rehab, good behavior, and the almost eight months he had already served behind bars.

Brown's troubles stem from his brutal 2009 attack on then-girlfriend and fellow singer Rihanna following the Grammy Awards ceremony. The couple reportedly got into a heated argument, which escalated into physical violence for which Rihanna was left with visible bruises to her face.

During the May 9 hearing, Chris Brown admitted to committing a crime and waived the right to a hearing in which evidence would have been presented and prosecutors would have had to prove the singer violated his probation terms.

The judge said that Brown will have to complete 1,000 hours of community service. As of February, he had about 800 hours yet to complete.

During the hearing, the judge also stated that he took into consideration Chris Brown's relative young age when he attacked Rihanna and the fact that he suffered from an undiagnosed mental illness.

Brandlin ordered Brown to check himself into rehab for anger management, substance abuse, and other issues related to bipolar disease that was not previously treated. The 25-year-old abruptly left treatment in March.

Following his release from jail, Chris Brown took to Twitter:

Do you believe Chris Brown when he says he is "humbled" after his release from jail?

[Image via Chris Brown/Twitter]