A Military Mother Who Lost Her Son Turns His Uniform Into Something Special, These Touching Photos Will Make You Sad And Glad At The Same Time

Teddy bears made out of uniforms

A bereaved mother of a fallen soldier is providing comfort for families of service men and women who have been left behind as she creates teddy bears out of their loved ones uniforms, according to CNN.

Lisa Freeman, 61, lost her 29 year-old son Matthew only nine days after he was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009. In an effort to cope with the grief of losing her son, Lisa began stitching stuffed animals for the project called “Matthews Bears.”

In this project, Lisa offers the option for families of fallen soldiers to send their uniforms to her where she will then create a meaningful teddy bear made out of the material to send back.

According to NY Daily News, Freeman offers this service free of charge to any one who has lost a loved one while in the service, with the goal being to provide comfort to the youngest members of the family.

“I don’t know about big, but I think I’m making a difference,” she said.

No stranger to philanthropy, Lisa Freeman has also created the “Matthew Freeman Project” that supports education across the world. The project was created at the request of her son after he saw the desire to learn by the children in Afghanistan. This non-profit not only collects school supplies for war-torn countries, but also provides scholarships to siblings of fallen soldiers.

Below are the teddy bears created by Lisa Freeman for family members of fallen soldiers.

Teddy bears made out of uniforms