Cops Met Killer Elliot Rodger How Many Times Before Shooting?

Elliot Rodger, the misogynistic, virgin serial killer whose rampage reignited the national discussion about gun control, faced down cops three times before his lethal rampage…and the subject of his gun ownership was never broached, the New York Daily News reports.

Rodger, who was armed with three legally purchased handguns and over 400 rounds of ammunition during his May 23 killing spree, was not questioned by authorities about the semi-automatic weapons because officials “had no information that he had weapons or reason to believe he had weapons,” according to Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Kelly Hoover. The NY Daily News report, however, claims that Rodger’s gun ownership was a matter of public record, accessible via law enforcement databases.

Gun ownership notwithstanding, Elliot Rodger attracted the attention of police three times before the mass shooting occurred, his behavior becoming “increasingly erratic with each visit.” Rodger first met police last summer after claiming that he was assaulted. The Sheriff’s Deputies who responded were able to ascertain that Elliot Rodger himself instigated that conflict, and a probe into the matter was suspended. This past January, Rodger called police after having made a citizen’s arrest of a roommate, whom he accused of stealing candles.

In possibly the most chilling fact of the case, Elliot Rodger was questioned by police just 23 days before his rampage, when a “worried friend” called authorities. A total of six officers visited Rodger on that occasion, which took place April 30, though they did not address threatening videos he posted online. As The Inquisitr previously reported, while police were aware of Rodger’s videos, investigating officers did not view them.

In a separate article, the Daily News also reports that Richard Martinez, whose son Christopher was among Rodger’s victims, met this past Saturday (May 31) with filmmaker Peter Rodger, Elliot’s father. Exact details of the meeting were not disclosed, but Martinez described it as an effort to find “common ground” with Rodger. “I have met Peter Rodger, and plan to work together so that other families such as ours will not suffer such as we have,” Martinez said of the visit, adding that he and Peter Rodger have “got a plan and when we’re ready, we’ll let you know.”

Peter Rodger
Peter Rodger, father of Isla Vista shooter Elliot Rodger

Mr. Martinez, who has largely become the public face of the tragedy, also took the opportunity to lash out at politicians who he feels are not serving the interests of the public:

“If I can meet and find common ground with (Peter Rodger), why the f**k can’t the Democrats and Republicans in Congress do the same?”

Elliot Rodger committed suicide at the conclusion of his rampage, which was preceded by a chilling video uploaded to YouTube, entitled “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution.”

[Images via Gawker, CBC, and The Mirror]