Casey Kasem Saga: ‘Shame On These Children!’ Says Stepmom

The Casey Kasem saga continues as a Washington state judge granted regular visitation rights on Friday to Kerri Kasem, one of Casey’s daughters.

The decision by Kitsap County Superior Court Judge Jennifer Forbes comes after serious concerns were raised about the ex-radio personality’s well-being under the care of his wife, Jean.

According to Kerri, her father suffers from dementia and has been neglected by his wife to the point where he has developed bedsores as well as lung and bladder infections.

Jean Kasem has so far had full control over Casey Kasem’s medical care, and has also prevented his three children from seeing him.

But Jean Kasem feels that she is justified in her decision to block Casey’s kids from having contact with him, as she said in a news conference on Friday. “Shame on these children! Shame! Who have done this to their father and who have shredded my family,” she said.

Jean Kasem’s angry outburst came after she was served last week with a court order that suspended her powers over her husband’s medical treatment and gave Kerri more powers to decide whether on not her father was receiving adequate medical care.

As well as regular visitations, Judge Forbes also set a court date for June 6 to consider whether to actually enforce the court order fully while simultaneously allowing Kerri Kasem to have a doctor of her choosing to examine her father.

Jean Kasem’s attorney, Joel Paget, said that Casey Kasem is already receiving full medical care and that his health has not deteriorated further since moving to Washington state. “They came up here to get some peace and quiet,” Paget said.

It remains to be seen what will happen in the future with Casey Kasem and whether or not the costly and painful bickering between his wife and three children will stop any time soon.