Connecticut Husband Kills Ailing Wife Because He Is ‘Tired Of Changing Her Diaper’

A Connecticut man was charged with first-degree manslaughter after allegedly pushing his bedridden wife into a bathtub and punching her to death, later telling police that he was tired of changing her diapers.

John Dewees Jr., 49 and a US Veteran, told authorities that he had been taking care of his ailing wife, 45-year-old Anja Dewees, who was suffering from liver disease because of her abuse of alcohol. However, when asked about the accounts surrounding his wife’s death, Dewees gave authorities conflicting reports of what happened during his wife’s death. He told neighbors and authorities that his wife slipped into the bathtub, but what prosecutors believe is this: Dewees pushed Anja Dewees, 45, into a bathtub after a bout of drinking May 20, then punched her in the head and took her to bed, where he woke up the next morning beside his cold, stiff, dead wife.

Two days later Dewees finally confessed to authorities that on May 20 he pushed his wife into a tub and punched her in the head. The following morning, after waking up next to his dead wife, he allegedly wrapped her body in plastic and duct tape to hide the smell of her decomposing body, The Courant reported.

“He said he did it because he was tired of changing diapers every day,” an arrest warrant obtained by the publication said.”

Dewees’ wife suffered from liver disease for four years. The suspect did all the cooking and cleaning, along with bathing her, he told police.


According to the NY Daily News, authorities found Anja wrapped in a deflated waterbed mattress, covered in duct tape, in the home’s bedroom. The overnight widower is currently on suicide watch, according to local television station, WFSB-TV. Reports suggest that Dewees attempted to slit his wrist to “be with his wife in heaven.”

The son of the murder suspect told the news station that his father abusing his mother was not a new occurrence and had hit her “as far back as he could remember.”

Dewees is being held in lieu of a $175,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on June 10.

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