Family's Rottweiler Shot Seven Times By Cops Investigating Burglar Alarm

Texas police officers responding to a home burglar alarm fired seven bullets that killed Bullet the Rottweiler, a beloved family pet.

The whole tragic incident in Round Rock, Texas, was a misunderstanding, a false alarm if you will.

The owner's granddaughter apparently forgot to shut the front door of the residence all the way when she left for school, and their home security system got triggered when the door later blew open on Friday morning.

Grieving owner Hope Lane received the 120-pound Rottweiler eight years ago from her husband as a Valentine's Day gift when the dog was just an eight-week old puppy.

Responding officers found the front door wide open and encountered Bullet while searching the home room to room for intruders. Bullet allegedly made aggressive, threatening movements against the officers, who fired at the animal seven times. Bullet was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Lanes insist that their family dog was gentle and not aggressive by nature, and also had limited mobility as a result of hip dysplasia. According to Austin's KXAN, Russell Lane -- Hope's husband -- declared that the police "basically came to my house and murdered my dog." Russell added that "I need for those officers to have repercussions. They made for the decision to kill my best friend in his bedroom while he was laying down."

Officers claim the dog jumped off a futon (where he usually slept) at which point they opened fire. "Round Rock Police commander Jim Stuart said the dog was barking and growling before lunging at an officer. One of the officers fired a single shot; the second officer fired six rounds. Stuart said the dog kept coming at them after being shot the first time."

Authorities also removed Bullet before Hope got back home. Said Hope, "I thought my dog would still be there, I may have wanted to bury my dog in my backyard. Who told you to take my dog away? That tells me something is not right. Whatever's not right, I can't speculate what's not right, but something is truly not right."

A "beware of Rottweiler sign" evidently was posted in a front window, but the officers apparently didn't see it when they arrived at the residence and announced their presence.

An internal investigation into the fatal Rottweiler shooting is now underway in Round Rock.