Hanscom Plane Crash Kills Lewis Katz And Six Other Victims In Boston Accident

Only two out of seven victims of the Hanscom plane crash has been identified so far. Among the dead was 72-year-old Lewis Katz, co-owner of The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News and philly.com. The other victim is 74-year-old Anne Leeds, the wife of Longport Commissioner James P. Leeds.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, witnesses of the Boston plane crash say the twin-engined private jet crashed and burst in flames as it was taking off from Hanscom Field airport, which is located in eastern Massachusetts:

"The accident took place as the plane attempted take off from the former Air force Base of Hanscom. The twin engine plane was reportedly on its way to Atlantic City in New Jersey. Witnesses say that the plane crash resulted in a huge fireball."
The Gulstream IV jet crashed into a wooded area and fire department rescuers immediately responded to try and put out the flames.

One of the witnesses is named Tara Harding, and she says she was asleep in a nearby hotel when the Hanscom plane crash occurred:

"When we originally heard it, it was so loud. I thought it was closer than it was. My 4-year-old son was even startled by the noise. We were panicked, because we thought 'what could we do other than call 911. It sounded like the plane was shutting down, like that engine-failure sound you hear in movies."
Initial reports could not confirm the identities of the passengers or if anyone had died in the Hanscom plane crash. Unfortunately, it appears seven people on board were killed in the fiery explosion. So far, one of two identified victims is Lewis Katz, owner of philly.com, which described the newspaper mogul this way:
"Katz made his fortune investing in the Kinney Parking empire and the Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network in New York. He once owned the NBA's New Jersey Nets and the NHL's New Jersey Devils and is a major donor to Temple University, his alma mater."
The Hanscom plane crash occurred just days after Lewis Katz and H.F. Lenfest bid $88 million in an auction to take control of Interstate General Media, the parent company of the news companies that were previously listed.

Interstate General Media has already released a statement:

"Words cannot express our sadness at this time regarding the sudden loss of Lewis Katz and to so many that his life and generosity touched through his countless acts of kindness."
The Hanscom Field airport is used jointly by both the military and civilian organizations and is located close to Boston. Because of this location, Hanscom Field is regularly used by business travelers and is also considered a secondary airport to Boston's Logan International Airport. The National Transportation Safety Board is already investigating the Hanscom plane crash.