Apparently Albert Einstein's Brain Was As 'Normal' As It Could Get, Scientists Still Perplexed

Alap Naik Desai

Albert Einstein was and still is undoubtedly one of the smartest men to have walked the face of the earth. From the still perplexing theory of relativity to the famous E=mc2 equation that gave birth to nuclear weapons and energy, Albert Einstein has offered multiple fascinating answers to the most complex questions.

Hence, it was OK to assume that he might have had a brain that was physically different from other human beings. In fact, a study in 1985 by Diamond suggested that Einstein's brain had a much higher number of glial cells than those of a more moderate intellect.

Glial cells or neuroglia are essentially sentry cells that offer protection and support to highly fragile and sensitive neurons in the brain. These neurons are responsible for sending and receiving signals or synapses within the brain. In theory, this phenomenon would help Einstein become 'a lot smarter than any average Joe.'

But new research reported by Neuroskeptic suggests this is not the case. Conducted by Dr. Terence Hines of Pace University in New York, the research undermines the other studies as flawed and claims that Einstein's had no such extraordinary amount of glial cells and his brain was as normal as possible.

Dr. Hines supports his claims by stating that of the 28 tests conducted on Einstein's brain, only one was actually deemed significantly accurate by the researchers at the time. Moreover, detailed microscopic analysis "found essentially no differences between his brain and that of the controls." Controls are basically other brains that have been extracted from cadavers and used to compare and hunt for anomalies or differences.

What made Albert Einstein so smart? Einstein famously once wrote himself that he thought he had a great degree of control over his brain – he said his thoughts were not only visual, but muscular as well, reported Daily Mail. Interestingly, this mere statement has been used as the basis for studies that claimed Einstein had a different or better evolved brain. But to use a statement to prove their hypotheses is plain wrong, claims Dr. Hines.

When confronted with the actual reason though, Dr. Hines doesn't seem to have a definitive answer. So, the question as to what made Einstein so smart is certainly a mystery that hasn't been conclusively solved, yet.

[Image Credit |Chris Helgren / Reuters / Corbis]