Zayn Malik Takes A Trip To Prison… On Twitter

Zayn Malik recently took a trip to prison. Assuming, of course, you choose to believe the rumors making the rounds on Twitter this weekend.

In case you haven’t heard, Malik and fellow One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson found themselves wrapped up in a marijuana-oriented scandal after footage of the pair smoking a joint somehow found its way onto the internet. While some fans burst into tears, others seemed impressed with Zayn and Louis’ adventure into altered states.

For those who still haven’t watched Zayn Malik and his excellent ganja adventure, the video of the singer getting wasted lies below. This version of the clip even features reggae music and leafy background for added enjoyment.

Although smoking a joint won’t get you in nearly as much trouble as it did in the past, some fans were deeply concerned that Malik and Tomlinson — though mostly Malik — could find themselves behind bars for partaking of the herb. At some point during their paranoia, someone decided to create the Twitter hashtag #ZaynInPrison. Not surprisingly, it became quite popular.

Since this is the internet, the rumors don’t begin and end with marijuana. Some people heard that Zayn was allegedly arrested for raping an 11-year-old girl, while others claim he was reportedly busted for cocaine possession.

As far as we know, Zayn isn’t cooling his heels in a dank, dark cell for any crimes. However, that isn’t stopping countless fans from assuming the absolute worst. Take a look at some amusing reactions below.

Still can’t believe that Zayn Malik got caught shoplifting #ZaynInPrison

— macè (@maceluyoyo) May 29, 2014

I’m so glad someone’s finally decided to put #zayninprison, he’s been killing people with his beauty for far too long now and it had to end

— RIYA~ I LOVE TOMMO! (@RiyaNegi_) May 30, 2014

#ZaynInPrison #apologizelouistomlinson these trends are seriously not funny and everyone should grow up and get over the situation

— lexie!! (@mydoncasterking) May 29, 2014

So what have we learned from this adventure, dear readers? According to rumors making the rounds on Twitter, Zayn Malik is a weed-smoking, drug-dealing, shoplifting rapist who is spending quite a bit of time in jail for cocaine possession. In short, don’t believe any of the gossip about the guy making the rounds on social media.

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