Mount Everest Height to Be Remeasured By Nepal

Bicker, bicker.

China and Nepal are in a bit of a huff with each other over the height of Mount Everest, in a debate fraught with Freudian insinuations. It seems that the disagreement stems for the baseline height of Mount Everest- Nepal measures by rock height, while China adds snow height, augmenting Everest’s height by about 4 meters. Nepal’s Gopal Giri said that while the dispute was initially settled by declaring the peak to be 8.844.4 meters, China often substitutes the other number:

“We have begun the measurement to clear this confusion. Now we have the technology and the resources, we can measure ourselves,” Mr Giri said.

“This will be the first time the Nepal government has taken the mountain’s height.”

Three separate stations will be set up to measure the peak’s height, and the process will take about two years. The original figure cited by Nepal was first ascribed to Everest in 1955 by an Indian agency, but measurements from 1999 at 8,850 are currently used by the USGS.