Taylor Swift Is Madly In Love With Her New Album

Taylor Swift hopes everyone loves her new album as much as she does.

We don’t have too many details to share about the country music singer’s latest record, but apparently she thinks it’s pretty snazzy. Of course, musicians with something new to sell never say anything bad about their work prior to its release. That would sort of defeat the purpose of promotion.

“I’ve already been working very hard at it, and it’s already my favorite thing I’ve ever created. So the idea [is] that after Asia, I get to go back and finish everything and get everything completely done and wrapped up for a new project, it’s very exciting,” Swift explained.

The singer suggested that she probably won’t stray too far from the formula that made her previous album a worldwide success. Since her fans love the personal experience she injects into her tunes, expect her recent trials and tribulations to influence the record’s lyrical content.

“I think I really just love the unity it brings me and the audience, because chances are they’ve felt the exact same way I felt when I wrote the song and I think it kind of reminds everyone — and it reminds me — that the human experience isn’t so lonely,” Swift said.

However, fans shouldn’t expect a shameless rehash of Red. The Inquisitr previously reported that Swift is ready and willing to explore some new territory with her next endeavor.

She explained:

“”I’m so obsessed with where it is right now because I think, for me, the goal is that we start coming upon a sound that’s different from everything that we’ve done before, an identity to a new record. Having come upon that so early in the process is just really thrilling. I’ve got a lot of time to write more, but it’s really looking promising so far… It’s way ahead of schedule. So I’m really stoked for you to hear it.”

Exciting news, indeed. Unfortunately, Taylor didn’t give us any hints as to when the new album might find its way onto our playlists. This writer suspects it could arrive before the end of the year, though he has absolutely no basis for his theory other than gut instinct. In other words, we have no clue when Swift’s new record will hit retail shelves.

Taylor Swift will wrap up the final leg of her epic Red Tour in Singapore later this month.

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