Teacher Scott Allan Pens Erotic Book Starring Two Students, Faces Criminal Charges

Social studies teacher Scott Allan has authored a new book that you probably won’t see turn up on any Barnes & Noble shelves in the near future.

That’s because it’s a piece of erotica that he wrote about two of his female students, authorities say.

The Mandan High School teacher (in Mandan, North Dakota) gave the book to the unnamed 17- and 18-year-old girls as “graduation presents,” reports the website Inforum.

“Police said the characters in the book have the same first names and similar last names as the two students, and in it they engage in sexual acts,” the site stated (and we’re just assuming they do said acts with a high school social studies teacher named “Scotty Allen”).

KMOT adds this little tidbit about the book: it’s a western. (Insert saddles, spurs, chaps, and schoolmarm jokes here.)

As a result of the authorship, Allan was placed on administrative leave May 22 and resigned later that day. He was charged with promoting obscenity to minors and disorderly conduct.

That booking is also what allowed the nifty mugshot you see above. (Go Steelers!)

We’ve heard of teachers doing some stupid and inappropriate things involving their students before. Even covered a lot of it, like this Facebook faux pas, for instance.

There was also the case of Cassandre Fiering, a 45-year-old fourth-grade teacher/actor, who consulted her class for dating advice and actually had them role-play as her while she stepped into the roles of her boyfriends.

(Yeah, I know.)

But this is probably the first time said misbehavior has taken literary form, and since the charges that Allan faces are Class C felonies, he’s graduated to a whole new realm of legal trouble — and he’s dangerously close to the kind of thing that gets your name on a searchable list.

What do you think about the erotic book that Scott Allan wrote for his students — should he face criminal charges for it, or have those charges reduced to misdemeanors?

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