Usain Bolt Beaten In A Race … By A Korean Dinosaur Robot

Usain Bolt may be the fastest man on earth, but he’s got nothing on a robotic Velicoraptor from Korea.

A team of researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology set out to build a robot that could best the Jamaican gold medalist on the track, meaning it would have to top out at a speed somewhere above Bolt’s record of 27.44 miles per hour. So they went to work on a robot named Raptor that uses two metal legs outfitted with a shock-absorbing component, much like an Achilles tendon.

The end result for the robot — 28.5 miles per hour on the treadmill, enough to beat Usain Bolt comfortably in a race.

The Korean robot follows up a similar one made by Boston Dynamics that mimicked the Cheetah, nature’s fastest animal. Initial tests for the robotic Cheetah were just 18 miles per hour, though it has now improved to just a shade better than the Raptor.

Both robots still have a lot of work before they can actually beat Usain Bolt in a real race. So far they can only run on a treadmill, and only work if they’re attached to a rail that keeps them from falling over.