Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory Believer Claimed False Flag Hoax, Truther Gets Arrested For Harassing Parents And Destroying Memorial

A Sandy Hook truther, who believes the conspiracy theory that the Newtown shooting was just a false flag operation by the US government, was arrested recently after being caught with evidence indicating that he had destroyed and stolen from a Sandy Hook memorial honoring the memory of those who were killed by Adam Lanza.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Sandy Hook truther stole a sign dedicated to a young girl killed in the Newtown massacre and even called the mother, Lynn McDonnell, to say the massacre was all a hoax and that the 7-year-old had never existed in the first place.

One of the items stolen was a sign that had the peace sign and the words “love” and “grace” upon it. But the suspect made the mistake of taking pictures of these two signs and emailing a website called The Daily Banter with these photos. Using these photos, police detectives were able to to use the meta data, which includes a geolocation tag, to determine the house from which the pictures were taken. This led them to the doorstep of 28-year-old Andrew David Truelove, and with warrant in hand the cops were able to search the house and find the two signs propped up right where they had been photographed.

As it turns out, Andrew was already in jail at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center because he had turned himself in for violating probation on an unrelated incident. Truelove has a criminal history involving trespassing and attempted abduction of a minor (he claims he was trying to frighten off bullies but the girl was left traumatized). But he also has a history of suffering mental illness and was under psychiatric care for two years. His psychiatrist once testified that “Truelove exhibited symptoms of bipolar disorder, including depression and occasional hallucinations.”

Police also arrested Alan J. Truelove, the main suspect’s father, although Alan has not been charged with anything yet and the father denies knowing that the signs had been stolen by Andrew. But, like his son, Alan is apparently also a Sandy Hook truther since he “asked the police how they could be sure the Sandy Hook shooting had really happened.” Andrew has already been charged with receiving stolen property and may receive additional heavier charges.

Considering the circumstances, what do you think should be the punishment for a mentally ill person who harassed grieving parents due to his belief in Sandy Hook conspiracy theories?