Heat Wave: Deaths of 13 Tied to Recent Weather

As 18 states were put under severe heat advisories, the recent spate of hot weather may have caused 13 deaths.

“A broad swath of the nation” experienced temperatures that felt as hot as 110 degrees fahrenheit when humidity was taken into account. Cities in the Midwest were hardest hit, and places like Oklahoma City suffered infrastructure issues tied to the super high temps:

In Oklahoma City, which saw a 28th day of triple-digit heat, two lanes of a major interstate in downtown were closed Monday morning after buckling on a bridge caused steel expansion joints to rise, damaging cars as they passed over.

Highs in the triple digits are possible through September, breaking records set in 1980 for consecutive days of high heat. But while the Midwest is suffering fatal effects from the weather, the devastating temps are set to spread to the Northeast later in the week. By week’s end, temps approaching 100 degrees are expected in some East Coast cities.

Many parts of the Central and Southern US should expect “oppressive” heat through July 29th.