New Health Care Law Could Put End To Birth Control Co-Pay Requirement

Buyers of birth control pills may soon be able to pick up their prescriptions without needing to put forth a co-pay fee. The co-pay requirement could go away under last year’s Affordable Care Act which requires insurers to give away certain preventive services at effectively no cost to patients.

At this time the usual suspects are opposing the measure including the Family Research Council, although more details will be revealed tomorrow when the independent Institute of Medicine offers its recommendations.

According to the NPR a Planned Parenthood rep said:

“Half of all pregnancies that happen in the US every year are unintended,” while adding, “And if we could prevent an epidemic of this proportion, that should be justification enough that contraception is preventive care.”

The Family Research Council believes some people will object on religious grounds, while they cite concerns that emergency contraception can lead to the “demise of that baby.”

It’s a good thing these types of governmental decisions are not made based off one religious beliefs and as Planned Parenthood points out those claims are based on “no scientific evidence.”

While recommendations will be given on Wednesday the ultimate decision over whether or not to kill off co-pay requirements for birth control will come from the U.S. Government.