Unreleased Led Zeppelin Song Surfaces Ahead Of Reissues

Fans of Led Zeppelin received an unexpected surprise this past week when the band’s unreleased track “La La” made its way to the internet.

Dating from the Led Zeppelin II sessions in 1969, the instrumental is included in the forthcoming deluxe-edition reissue of the iconic British album, according to a report in Rolling Stone. The song, which appears in an “unfinished rough mix,” will no doubt delight Led Zeppelin fans despite its incomplete state. Largely dominated by John Paul Jones’ driving organ, the track also features guitarist Jimmy Page exploring various acoustic and electric textures with his guitar over the course of its four minutes. Astute listeners will catch shades of Led Zeppelin III, the band’s next album, in the mix.

Its appearance online is the latest move in a promotional campaign for the upcoming reissues of Led Zeppelin’s back catalog. The extensive reissue/remaster campaign kicks off on June 3 with the release of the band’s first three studio efforts, Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II, and Led Zeppelin III, which will be followed later in the year by the rest of the band’s albums in chronological order. Remastered by Jimmy Page, each album will also be available in an expanded edition that will include rarities such as unreleased instrumentals, rough mixes, and alternate versions of classic songs. An alternate take of the band’s “Heartbreaker,” also from Led Zeppelin II, has been released ahead of the albums as well, and can be streamed at Parade until June 2.

The band also recently released a video for their song “Whole Lotta Love,” with rough mix audio taken from the reissue of Led Zeppelin II. While fans are no doubt excited about the release of previously unknown tracks and mixes, they may have to content themselves with such rarities for the future. As The Inquisitr previously reported, singer Robert Plant has been open about his refusal to tour with a reunited version of the group, following Led Zeppelin’s much heralded 2007 reunion concert. The singer has since told Rolling Stone that a reunion tour would have been “an absolute menagerie of vested interests,” saying also that the remaining members of Led Zeppelin were “surrounded by a circus of people that would have had our souls on the fire” after the reunion concert. Page, however, has spoken about the possibility of releasing material of his own now that the Led Zeppelin project is finished.

The reissued editions of Led Zeppelin’s first three albums hit stores on Tuesday, June 3.

[Image via RockBritain]