Dog Poops Twice Aboard US Airways Flight 598, Causes Emergency Landing

Passengers aboard US Airways Flight 598 will remember this one particular flight for a long, long time. The flight bound from Los Angeles to Philadelphia on May 29 had to make an unscheduled, emergency landing at Kansas City, Missouri because a passengers’ pooch decided to take a dump in the aisle. Twice.

With flight attendants running out of the entire inventory of toilet papers to clean up the mess and nauseating odor filling up the cabin causing people to go sick, the pilot had no option but to make the emergency landing, reports According to Steve McCall, a passenger aboard US Airways Flight 598, when the dog pooped for the second time, an hour after it took the first dump, the situation became unbearable and the pilot came on to the radio and announced,

“Hey, we have a situation in the back, we’re going to have to emergency land.”

As you would expect, there were passengers aboard US Airways Flight 598 who live tweeted the entire episode. Chris Law, for example, tweeted the happenings complete with pictures and descriptive tweets. Here are a few gems from him.

US Airways, on its part, also apologized to the passengers who appreciated efforts by employees to clean up the mess.

Expectedly, this was an embarrassing situation for the owner of the dog, who was very apologetic. She actually asked everyone their addresses and offered everyone aboard US Airways Flight 598 a Starbucks gift card. Sweet! It is unclear how many passengers agreed to take up the offer.

The canine was allowed inside the cabin because it was a service dog.

The ordeal couldn’t have come at a worse time for passengers of US Airways Flight 598, which was already delayed by two hours at the time of take off due to a fuel spill on the tarmac initially. This could have caused the dog to get a little bit backed up, says an UPI News report.

Do you think passengers aboard US Airways Flight 598 were simply too unlucky?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]