This Is What Rising Sea Levels And Climate Change Would Do To US Cities! [Video]

Artist Nickolay Lamm, famous for being the creator of the the “Normal Barbie” campaign that talks about a doll modeled on an actual teenage woman, is at it again. While not as grand as his previous project (which is still ongoing, by the way), this one happens to be a short, two minute video that talks about climate change.

Sound boring? Wait until you watch it.

Actually, no one talks in the video, which happens to be a visualization of the future. The video shows what would happen to some US cities and landmarks if and when climate change would cause sea levels to rise. Every location, building and monument showcased in the video are subject to three levels of water rise – 5 feet, 12 feet, and 25-feet – to give you an idea of the disaster that awaits us even with a marginal increase in sea levels.

Nickolay used data from a study conducted by Climate Central. The organization had in 2013 shared some of its sea level rise mapping data with Nickolay. He then came up with these photo realistic images that are sure to stun you. Here is one such image, which is sure to stun you:

Nickolay Lamm climate change
ATT Park, San Francisco Under 12 feet Of Water [Nickolay Lamm]

Looking at the images by Nickolay Lamm in the video, are you now more concerned about climate change and the earth’s future?

[Image via Climate Central]