Ed Sheeran Debuts ‘Don’t’ For Beats By Dre Commercial

Ed Sheeran has released a taste of another new track off his upcoming album, x. Sheeran appears in a Beats by Dre commercial, advertising the new Beats Solo 2 headphones. In the ad, Ed Sheeran can be seen recording the new song “Don’t,” which is about jealousy and the pain of being cheated on. You can watch the video and listen to the song below:

The ad is clearly meant to emphasis the studio capabilities of the Beats Solo 2 headphones, but Sheeran’s fans will be most excited about hearing the short snippet of the new song.

According to Billboard, “Don’t” is about an old girlfriend of Ed’s and was originally supposed to be the first single of the album x. Sheeran recorded the track separately with two different producers, Rick Rubin and Benny Blanco. Ed told Billboard, “I loved elements of both and I knew that together they could make something really super-powered, between Benny’s pop sensibility and Rick’s raw, earthy, gravelly coolness. So Benny went to L.A. and sat with Rick.”

Evidently, the lyrics of “Don’t” are an accurate representation of one of Sheeran’s past relationships, though he didn’t reveal the name of the girl it references. Ed explained:

“The story in ‘Don’t’ is 100 percent true. I could have gotten nastier — there was more s*** that I didn’t put in. I was seeing someone for a bit of time, and then they ended up physically involved with one of my friends in the same hotel that we were staying in, while I was downstairs. And I feel like: Treat people how you want to be treated.”

DirectLyrics.com suggests the song could be about Ellie Goulding, an old flame of Ed Sheeran’s. Meanwhile, Idolator discusses a bunch of rumored possibilities, including Taylor Swift. Idolator even suggests that Niall Horan from One Direction could be the guy that Sheeran’s girlfriend-at-the-time cheated with. The new Beats by Dre commercial will no doubt rekindle the rumors.

Whoever it was, Ed is moving forward by warning future girlfriends of songwriters to be careful about who they betray. Sheeran told Billboard: “If you date a songwriter, be prepared to have songs written about you. If you do nice things, you’ll have nice songs. And if you do f***ed-up things, you’ll get a horrible song.”

Ed Sheeran’s new album, x, or Multiply, will be in stores June 23. It features “Don’t” as well as the newly released song “Thinking Out Loud,” and the track off The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack, “All Of The Stars.”