Xobni Gets LinkedIn Support

Semantic email management service Xobni has announced built in support for LinkedIn contacts.

The integration with LinkedIn incorporates key contact information into the Xobni sidebar. Xobni users, via the LinkedIn API, will now see a contact’s current employer, job title, link to their LinkedIn profile, and contact photo.

Xobni launched to the public 45 days ago, and the service has received a lot of positive press. Xobni acts as a plugin to Outlook, delivering to users semantic information in the sidebar that focused on improving email management and workflow.

Other improvements with the new release include performance enhancements, new keyboard shortcuts and folder selection.

Unfortunately I’ve never been able to try Xobni because it’s an Outlook only package, but co-founder Matt Brezina is in Melbourne at the moment and I’ve invited him to MTUB, so if I do get a chance of seeing him the one question I’ll be asking: when might we see Xobni for Thunderbird or Mac Mail? I know I’m not the only one who’d like to see a Mac version 🙂