Ford Recall 2014: 1.1 Million Escape SUVs Have Steering Problems Which May Cause A Crash

The most recent 2014 Ford recall is effecting 1.1 million Ford Escapes and they may have a serious steering problem which could lead to a crash.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, delays behind the recent GM recalls cost the company $35 million in fines because General Motors allegedly knew about serious problems and did nothing about them for years. Another Toyota recall diminished the sterling record of the company, with over half a million vehicles affected by various issues.

The power steering issue behind the latest Ford recall could potentially cause the electrical system to fail, increasing the risk of a crash. This particular problem effects 915,000 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner small SUVs and 196,000 Ford Explorer SUVs. The cause for each model is slightly different but the result is said to be the same:

“The Escape and Mariner recall involves a torque sensor within the steering column. Ford recommends one of three fixes: replacing the sensor, updating software or replacing the steering column. The recall affects model year 2008 through 2011 vehicles built between August 18, 2006 and September 11, 2010 in Kansas City. The Explorer recall addresses a potentially intermittent electrical connection in the steering gear, which will be fixed either with a software update or new steering gear. It affects model year 2011 through 2013 vehicles built between May 17, 2010 and February 28, 2012 in Chicago.”

Unfortunately, this 2014 Ford recall is not the first for the Ford Escape being made this year. An earlier recall targeted corrosion issues with the frame of the vehicle. Still, that does not beat the unfortunate history of Ford recalls:

“Pride of place goes – yet again – to the Ford Motor Company for its mind-blowing recall in 2009 of 14 million Ford Explorer, Excursion, Ranger, Windstar, E-150 – 450 and F-150 – 450, and Mercury Mountaineer vehicles for a defect of the Cruise-control switch which sometimes resulted in cases of spontaneous combustion. Prior to that, the record for the largest recall of cars was in 1996 from – as you may have guessed by now – the Ford Motor Company. The problem that time was with a faulty ignition switch, and affected 7.9 million vehicles. To be fair, major vehicle recalls are not unique to Ford. Both GM and Toyota have recalled over 5 million cars in one year, and Volkswagen and Honda over 3 million.”

What do you think about the latest 2014 Ford recall?