June 29, 2017
Lacey Chabert Brings 'The Color Of Rain' To Hallmark Movie Channel

Lacey Chabert is back on television this weekend with a new Hallmark movie airing Saturday night. What do fans need to know about The Color of Rain airing on May 31?

TV Guide shared some details on the latest effort by the Mean Girls and Party of Five star. Lacey Chabert plays Gina Kell, a woman who loses her husband to cancer on Christmas Day. The movie, based on a best-selling novel bearing the same name, also stars Warren Christie as Michael Spehn, a man who loses his wife to cancer just a few weeks after Gina's husband dies.

As is naturally the case when it comes to a Hallmark Movie Channel film, Gina and Michael meet as they work through their heartbreak and come to lean on one another. The characters have five children between the two of them, and they live in the same community, but apparently the two did not know one another until they both lost their spouses.

On Milwaukee notes that the story featured in The Color of Rain is based on a true story. Lacey Chabert's character, Gina, is the real-life author of the book that was released in 2011. Chabert has shared that she found it to be an "exciting chance" to portray someone's real-life story, and she was moved by what Gina and Michael experienced. Some people may have seen the real-life couple previously during a Today show interview.

Chabert clearly had a passion for Gina and Michael's story before playing it out on film. She shares that she watched the duo on the Today show, then read the book, then read the script, and found herself moved by it. As for Christie, he shares that he wasn't aware that it was a true story until the last page of the script. He adds that once he read the ending, he went back through the script to put the pieces together.

Both Warren Christie, who has previously been seen in Happy Town and Alphas, and Lacey Chabert say they felt a responsibility to put their heart and soul into this film because the story deserved that kind of commitment. They believe it will resonate with many people, and it sounds as if it will be a stellar Hallmark Movie Channel offering. Though it focuses on hardship, heartbreak, and tragedy, it sounds as if ultimately the families indeed find happiness again and viewers will be moved and inspired.

The Color of Rain starring Lacey Chabert and Warren Christie debuts on the Hallmark Movie Channel on Saturday, May 31.

[Image: Croobal]