Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Sound Of Crash Recorded? Search A Coverup? Only More Questions –

The disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 continues to be an enigma, but could the sound of the lost Malaysian jetliner’s impact into the ocean have been captured by ocean devices designed to detect nuclear blasts?

According to CNN, Australia’s Curtin University is exploring any audio captured by the submerged listening devices in a continued effort to find the lost Flight MH370.

While the devices weren’t designed for what the study is using them for, this isn’t a first for those involved with trying to locate Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

Creativity and reaching out to gather any data that might provide some clues as to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370’s ultimate resting place has been a hallmark of the search. Previous examples include using the Inmarsat communications satellite as a navigational aide, according to CNN.

The underwater nuclear explosion detection device Curtin University is using for this Flight MH370 project is one of eleven located around the world and part of the UN-chartered Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization’s International Monitoring System.

Another device is operated by Curtin University and located about 20 kilometers off the coast of Perth, its more specific purpose being to listen to whales and other marine life, not the sound of a passenger jet crashing into the ocean.

The feeling that the project is kind of a shot in the dark is palpable, judging by comments from those working on the project. But at this point in the beyond frustrating search for Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, mystery “pings” and other dead ends, shots in the dark are about all that’s left.

In fact, many family members of the lost passengers even think the whole search is a huge cover up. Their view is bolstered by the recent revelation by Australian officials that Malaysia Air Flight MH370 didn’t even end up in the southern Indian Ocean, and that behind the missing MH370 are several countries coordinating to hide the truth:

“This cover up is demonstrated through initial delays in search and rescue, their statements, preliminary report with manipulated or incomplete information, delayed realize of manipulated and incomplete Inmarsat data, contradicting statements from Mr Najib and Mr Hishammuddin and not declaring complete cargo manifest, which has raised several doubts,” Pralhad Shirsath told The Malay Mail Online via e-mail.

He believes the search for MH370 is just a tool to distract both the families and the media from the truth.

“It is obvious that when search is going on in middle of ocean no families or media will go there to see,” he said

But those involved in this latest Curtin University project continue hoping they can find some sign of Malaysia Air Flight MH370, including the University’s Alec Duncan, who said they’re examining a very low frequency sound to see if it might be “the impact of the aircraft on the water or the implosion of parts of the aircraft as it sank.”

“One signal has been detected on several receivers that could be related to the crash,” said Duncan. “But (the source of the noise) is just as likely to be a natural event,” he said.

Duncan also noted that low frequency signals, given the right conditions, can travel thousands of kilometers through water. But on a less positive note, he also said that right now the sound “appears to be inconsistent with other data about the aircraft position.”

Martin Dolan, Chief Commissioner the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, which has been overseeing the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 on behalf of Malaysia, also didn’t sound very optimistic that the sounds would lead to anything:

“We think that those detections may have been interesting from the point of view of the direction they came, but other characteristics make it unlikely that they are associated with MH370,” said Dolan.

Regardless, they’re moving forward with their research, according to Duncan.

And at this point, who can blame them? It’s hard to believe there’s not something out there that leads to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, her passengers and crew.