Casey Kasem Update: Court Orders Daughter Kerri Be Allowed Visitation

Casey Kasem’s daughter Kerri has been passionately fighting to gain access to her father, and now she has a big victory. The family of the ailing Hollywood icon has been battling Casey’s wife Jean Kasem for months, but Friday came a big court decision that will have supporters of Casey’s children cheering.

According to ABC News, Kerri Kasem will get to see her father daily now thanks to a Washington judge. At this point, Kerri will be given an hour a day to visit with her father, but the court proceedings aren’t over yet. Jean Kasem, who recently had secretly moved Casey and refused to share information with his children, is still fighting every move in court.

The visitation granted by the judge in Washington comes on the heels of a big victory in court for Kerri. She shared the news via Facebook on May 12 that “Justice was finally served!” She was given temporary conservatorship of Casey’s care, which seemingly was the catalyst for Jean suddenly moving him out of the state. Though Jean Kasem has maintained they went to Washington on a vacation, others aren’t convinced it’s anywhere near that simple.

Casey Kasem’s kids have been kept away from visiting their father for months, and they have been increasingly worried about his condition. Though widely reported that he has Parkinson’s disease, Kerri Kasem and her siblings have since indicated that more specifically he is suffering from Lewy body dementia and is in quite poor condition at this point. The Washington judge has ordered a medical exam for the 82-year-old radio personality, and the doctor’s determinations will direct the care that comes next for Casey.

Though Jean requested a delay until June 20 for the next court appearance, the judge gave her just a week of additional time to prepare for the hearing. Kerri’s lawyer argued that this situation has continued long enough with his client not being able to see her father, and it seems the judge agreed. There are some stipulations that require Kerri to visit at the house where Casey is and not share any photos, but at this point she’s surely more than willing to comply if it means she can see her father.

As all of this family heartbreak has progressed, Kerri has also put together a non-profit organization called Kasem Cares to help other families in similar types of situations. They have been working with Assemblyman Mike Gatto on a visitation bill to help other adult children kept away from ailing parents when there are issues of divorce and stepparents in the mix. Supporters of Kerri and her siblings are thrilled for her in her latest court victory. Everybody hopes there is more good news for the family on the way in the midst of this heartbreaking situation with Casey Kasem’s ailing health.

[Image via Kerri Kasem]