More Breaking Bad Episodes Possibly On Their Way?

More Breaking Bad episodes might be on their way, insinuated series star Bryan Cranston during a discussion with CNN.

What exactly occurred is that interviewer Ashleigh Banfield asked the Breaking Bad actor about the show’s final scene:

“That final scene, that final image… I wasn’t so sure that you died. I really wasn’t. Your eyes were open and I thought, ‘What if the police just take him into custody, he gets better, breaks out and just goes nuts?'”

In the scene she mentioned, main character Walter White collapsed in his lab from a gunshot wound to his abs just as the police arrived. The camera than panned out and we were left to assume that he died. Her question — and the one on the minds of countless hardcore fans who are literally begging for more Breaking Bad episodes — is whether he really did in fact die.

Cranston replied as follows:

“Hey, you never saw bags zip up or anything.”

That’s true! However, it should be noted that White’s eyes remained open as the camera moved away from him. That suggests that he is indeed dead, unless of course he has the uncanny ability to not blink for extended periods of time.

Regardless, when Banfield then questioned Cranston about the possibility of a Breaking Bad movie, he said, “Never say never.”

This is all quite inconclusive, but it still leaves at least a smidgen of room open for more episodes — and even a movie. According to EpGuides, Breaking Bad lasted only five seasons and contained 62 episodes. Compare this to Mad Men: It lasted seven seasons and contained 85 episodes. Likewise, Weeds lasted 8 seasons and contained a whopping 102 episodes! The point is that Breaking Bad ended awfully early for such an immensely popular TV show.

It was so popular, in fact, that the series finale itself drew a record 10.3 million viewers, reports Entertainment Weekly. The only other two shows that have ended on such a high note were HBO’s The Sopranos, which went out with 11.9 million viewers, and Sex and the City, which dropped out of the TV world with 10.6 million viewers.

So will there in fact be more episodes of Breaking Bad? We have no clue! What we do know for sure is that AMC plans to drop a Breaking Bad spin-off called Better Call Saul sometime in November. It will be a part-comedy drama that revolves around Breaking Bad character Saul McGill.

Other than that, we just don’t know! However, like Cranston said, “Never say never!”

In the meantime, if you yourself want to review the video where he surreptitiously suggested that more episodes might be on their way, check the video below:

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