Spoilers For ‘The Bachelorette 2014’: Andi Dorfman Dealt With Blows In Episodes 3 And 4

Fans of ABC’s The Bachelorette 2014 with Andi Dorfman get a heavy dose of drama this coming week as new episodes air on both Sunday and Monday nights. Andi and the bachelors start traveling now, and there are some great moments ahead. What can fans expect in these next two episodes? A new The Bachelorette spoiler sneak peek via Entertainment Weekly dished out some new details.

The group date in Sunday’s episode will give Andi and the guys the chance to perform with Boys II Men. Wanya Morris from the group works with both Dorfman and the guys, and it seems he is quite underwhelmed by their talent. However, he’s more than happy to dish out some advice and it seems via The Bachelorette spoilers available that it will end up being a fantastic date. Andi Dorfman teased this week via her People blog that the group date in Santa Barbara was “one of the best days of my life.”

That said, the previews for episodes 3 and 4 also show some drama-filled moments. Fans already got a taste of the conflict ahead, but then Reality Rewind added some additional The Bachelorette spoilers to the mix. It seems that some of the guys will tell Dorfman that Cody Sattler may have a girlfriend waiting for him back home. She will confront him about it, but spoilers from Reality Steve would seemingly indicate he talks himself out of this mess as he doesn’t go home quite yet.

There is also conflict between Josh Murray and Andrew Poole this week. Once again, Reality Steve spoilers dish out some details on what goes down. Apparently Josh tears into Andrew for hitting on a server when the guys and a producer were out for dinner when Dorfman was out on a group date in the previous episode. Fans will surely like seeing Murray stick up for Andi, but Andrew bristles at the confrontation. Eric Hill is also said to leave in a non-traditional way in Monday’s episode, though the exact details regarding why he leaves haven’t been dished out yet.

Previews show Andi in tears, questioning the reasons for some guys being there and saying that if they aren’t there for the right reasons, they should leave. Of course this comes up in just about every season, and it does sound like a few issues all come to a head at once to make Dorfman question the guys and her choice to do the show. Between these two episodes, two guys leave prior to the rose ceremonies, and it looks like it should be a wild ride.

By the sounds of The Bachelorette spoilers for episodes 3 and 4, Andi will have some significant highs and lows as she heads to Santa Barbara and then Connecticut. Will some of the bachelors emerge as solid frontrunners? It’s certainly looking that way, and previous spoilers do indicate that Dorfman finds love this season. ABC’s The Bachelorette 2014 with Andi Dorfman airs new episodes on both Sunday and Monday nights this coming week, and fans won’t want to miss a moment.

[Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC]