‘Watch Dogs’ Easter Eggs Tie Celebrities Like Batman, Breaking Bad, Michael J. Fox, And Aisha Tyler Together

Are the Watch Dogs easter eggs attempting to tell us something or just make fun of culture as a whole?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, some people felt that Watch Dogs is racist and sexist in its portrayal of the citizens of virtual Chicago. But PC gamers are probably ignoring any controversy and just want the Watch Dogs patch to come out as soon as possible.

The game’s main character has the ability to hack practically everything in the city. This includes gaining information about the citizens that are strolling the streets of Chicago. Interestingly enough, this ability is not that far-fetched since Edward Snowden claims the NSA can hack your smartphone and other devices in order to use them as listening devices or to take a peak at your personal history. Worse, this is supposedly possible even when your smartphone is turned off.

But enough about politics, we have some Watch Dogs easter eggs to consider! The way this is handled is similar to Grand Theft Auto in that we have familiar businesses, celebrities, and culture icons coming into play. For example, in GTA it was thought that Kate Upton was featured. Even Lindsay Lohan showed up in GTA and she is suing the video game developer over how her doppelganger represents her real-life antics.

In the case of the Watch Dogs easter eggs there is a ton of references to other Ubisoft products including former game series like Prince of Persia and Raving Rabbids. Even Assassin’s Creed gets a nod, with a Watch Dogs character named after Karl Doherty being listed as a “former Abstergo employee.” The biggest pop culture reference everyone has noticed so far is Bruce Wayne aka Batman being listed as a clerk who is a subscriber to a BDSM website and also has a probability of committing a crime. The Breaking Bad reference has a character named Galtero Blanko (which translates from Spanish into English as Walter White) and he’s diagnosed with terminal cancer and is working as a laundry mat manager, which is a nod to Breaking Bad‘s meth lab hidden under a laundry mat. But there’s also a “bicurious” Charlie Brown and a Malcom Thompson who is listed as a “middle child.”

But there’s some awkward celebrity references among the Watch Dogs easter eggs, as well. Aisha Tyler is listed as being an actress in-game and you even get to hack her home, where the gamer gets to hear her talking about ctOS smelling her farts. Sounds like an Archer moment to me. One gamer even claims Michael J. Fox is in the game, saying he “saw a guy tagged with ‘Diagnosed with Parkinson’s’ and he was wearing a McFly vest. I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or not so I just stared at my TV screen awkwardly for about half a minute.”