WWE News: WWE Magazine Potentially Reveals The Shield Breaking Up Soon

It seems WWE Magazine has gotten itself into some hot water lately, as they already seemed to spoiled the return of Chris Jericho next month. Now, they could be spoiling the break up of The Shield too. As we know by now, WWE Payback is possibly the last match for The Shield and Evolution. We all know Batista is leaving soon and Evolution cannot be without Dave.

Due to this, it seemed obvious going in that The Shield would win. It also makes no sense that either man would turn on his partners, as each man has been beaten down by Evolution and The Authority. So, no one foresaw the end being near in any way with any member of the team. However, after Payback, there may be nothing for the team to do. So, a singles run might be on the horizon with the trio.

WWE Magazine “spoke” with Dean Ambrose, where he said:

“My former partners, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. I was probably the class clown of the group so I’d usually start the joking and ribbing. But those two are hilarious. Daniel Bryan is funny too but more because he’s funny looking.”

The key there is “former”. Obviously with The Shield currently together, one would think you’d simply call people your “partners”. As a result, it seems likely that WWE is planning a split with the group soon. There was talk of doing this in January, with Dean being the first to make his move in breaking cracks into The Shield.

Most figured by WrestleMania 30, each man would be in singles competition as the idea the entire time was to have them do that after they made it big as a group. Instead, the WWE opted to have the team face Kane and the New Age Outlaws at WrestleMania, who they dominated at the event.

WWE felt that the group still had staying power, so they ultimately kept them as a team and it seems that the WWE fans loved that. Now, the WWE might be deciding the time has come to make the team split up. However, it may not be a split that we normally see. Seth Rollins spoke about that recently, saying to Bleacher Report:

“You know, you say that, but I don’t know if these factions are all ever really dead. Because when Shawn (Michaels) and Hunter (Triple H) get back together and you get that ‘Are you Ready?’ pumping on the Titan Tron, or when you get Scott (Hall) and Kevin (Nash) together and they put up the ‘Too Sweet’ to each other, or you put Arn and Ric in the same room, they’re definitely not enemies. It doesn’t always have to end badly. There’s a lot of longevity that comes with having a gang of friends with you throughout your career in this business. So there’s no telling when The Shield will run its course. If it ever will. We’re just happy riding this wave of success right now, trying to make this place a better place for everybody, wrestlers and fans alike, and we’re going to keep doing that until we can’t do it anymore.”

The Shield

Most feel that this would be the best way to break The Shield up. Simply have them leave on good terms so that a reunion could happen down the line. Also, all men would be friends and able to help the others down the line if need be. Several WWE fans have hated the fact that factions or teams break up by having one partner turn on the other EVERY time in WWE. I for one agree with that.

Due to this, if WWE decides to break the team up then you’d imagine they might take the advice of the fans and have them break up peacefully. If they come back and do cheap pops or something in the future and that it for The Shield, fans may still be happy about that. WWE fans want to see legendary factions again. We don’t want something one off and that’s it. That’s why Evolution and DX were so special. They were legendary as a team, not just as singles competitors. Fans like to see great teams just as much as singles talents.

The problem with the entire scenario currently is that the WWE Magazine spoke to Dean Ambrose for the June edition. Currently the plan is to have Roman Reigns take on Triple H at SummerSlam to sort of seal up the Evolution/Shield rivalry. Meanwhile, we do not know the plans WWE has for Rollins or Ambrose. So it could be that Reigns will rival Triple H in some way for a few months and lead into a big match at SummerSlam.

So if we can trust the WWE Magazine, which we have been able to in the past, The Shield could be over next month. It will be interesting to see if the WWE does it and how more than anything else.

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