Gay Men Penis Size Study Funded By Taxpayer Dollars

Regardless of what some economic experts may say, we are not out of the clear when it comes to the “great recession” and therefore we shouldn’t be spending money on ridiculous studies, such as the National Institutes of Health survey which attempted to tie the size of gay men’s penises with their preferences to be a “top” or “bottom.”

The study, funded in part with taxpayer money was meant to “tie the size of a gay man’s penis” with their choice in being a “bottom” or a “top” and found that men with bigger penis sizes tend to be the “top” in the relationship, while men with smaller penises often gravitate towards the “bottom” role in the relationship. Researchers also claim that gay men with smaller penises tend to be more psychologically troubled then men with larger penises.

The National Development and Research Institute received money from the NIH to conduct the study which began in 2006. Money from the program has been provided since 1985 and is often used for “behavioral science research on drug abuse, AIDS, and crime,” which the group claimed their study fit into.

According to the President of the Traditional Values Coalition:

“We’ve got nameless, faceless bureaucrats who thought this was a good use of taxpayer money,” while adding, “[They] seem to think the American taxpayers are a limitless ATM machine.”

At the start of this post I said we shouldn’t be spending money on ridiculous studies because of bad economic times, I should have said that even in great economic times this type of overspending on mundane studies with tax dollars is ridiculous.