Next version of the Xbox will have Avatar-like graphics, says AMD

In the August issue of OXM, AMD’s Neal Robison made a pretty bold claim about the next version of the Xbox’s graphic capabilities.

To be specific, Robison claims that the next Xbox will be capable of pumping out graphics similar to, if not better, than James Cameron’s Avatar. In addition to the supposed leap in graphics capabilities, Robison stated that the physics and A.I. will see a significant increase as well, making it possible for each individual NPC in, say, Grand Theft Auto to have their own unique behavior.

As appealing as this all sounds, I’m going to have to suggest you take this with a grain of salt. Microsoft hasn’t even come out and announced the next Xbox yet, much less confirmed that AMD has any part in it. While the advanced physics and A.I. are certainly a likely feature, I can’t say that Avatar-quality graphics is the least bit feasible when you consider it costs around $280 million to make.

Lovely thought, though.

Source: OXM (via Examiner, Destructoid)