Watch A Guy Pick The Totally Wrong Place To Throw A Woman To The Ground

This video of a drunken brawl is one of those viral videos that just appear online one day and no one knows where they were shot, or when, or who the people involved actually are — but you don’t need to. Because this video, in the one minute that it lasts, tells a complete story.

And if you like stories where the bad guy gets what’s coming to him, well, you’ll enjoy this one.

First, we should warn you that what you’ll see in the video is somewhat disturbing. This is a video of a drunken brawl, after all, so there is violence. And the events in this video are real. So it’s real violence.

But with that out of the way, the major butt-whooping that comes at the end of the video is the comeuppance for what this guy did to a young woman who just happened to get in his way.

The video opens in what appears to be the early stages of a drunken brawl between two meatheads. You’ve got no-shirt meathead on one side, and purple shirt and designer jeans meathead on the other.

A crowd gathers around, not exactly egging the two of them on, but not doing much to stop it either. Mainly, they seem like they just want the whole thing to end. But when the girlfriend of shirtless meathead throws her arms around her man in an attempt to protect him and end the drunken brawl — that’s when purple shirt meathead chooses to attack.

He leaps forward and throws the woman to the ground and starts, or at least tries to start, pounding on his opponent. But he never gets the chance, because tossing a young lady about one-quarter his size to the asphalt, well, that’s what gets the crowd involved.

Watch what happens next. Some would call it instant karma, others would call it justice. But one thing is sure. Purple shirt guy will think twice next time he’s about to commit violence against a woman, during a drunken brawl or, one hopes, anywhere else.