Bruno Mars Shows He Doesn’t Handle Rejection Well, Reveals A Mean Streak

Bruno Mars is best known as the heart-throb singer of such tunes as “Marry You” and “Grenade.” His concerts fill the seats of huge venues, and his songs stick in the minds of fans around the world. Last night at Bruno’s Oracle Arena concert in Oakland, he showed that he has another side.

Mars paused between songs to invite a pretty young fan to join him on stage. Smiling and shaking her head, the girl was quick to turn him down.

YouTube user MrWakasik was the first to post a video of the incident, as reported by Tamara Palmer at NBC Bay Area. Since it was posted, the video has been removed by YouTube “due to a copyright claim by Warner Music Group,” despite the fact that none of Bruno Mars’ songs are played in the video.

The only video still available of the tail end of the incident has been posted by YouTube user obbridget. It’s a copy of the original video, and not very clear. Comments and embedding abilities have been disabled for it.

When Bruno Mars first addressed the fan, he asked her up on stage with him. When she refused, he asked what her name was. She shied away from even that question, indicating that she was embarrassed or possibly dealing with stage fright.

Mars continued to speak to her, “Didn’t you see us at the Super Bowl? What?” Then he offered her the chance to get up on stage again.

The crowd began to boo the fan after she turned him down once more. So, he said he’d sing her a little something anyway.

There’s some debate over what Bruno Mars sang to the fan.

Some people heard Mars sing, “It goes a little something like this, F*ck you. It’s just a show, you’re supposed to say yes.” This is the version reported by most articles on the incident.

Not all fans are convinced. Some people believe Mars sang, “It goes a little something like this, Forget you.” One might wonder if that would be any less unkind?

Barbara Ino commented on the NBC Bay Area article, saying: “He did not use the F word. He said ‘forget you then’. I was there. Because Oracle sound system is so bad it’s hard to hear clearly. Bruno Mars was clearer than Aloe Blacc though. It was still absolutely awesome. They can really entertain, had a blast, thank you Bruno Mars!”

Regardless of what Bruno Mars said, the consensus seems to be that he definitely shamed the fan for her crime of saying “no.”


— ~Adriana~ (@aye_adriii) May 29, 2014

What do you think? Do you think the fan brought the harassment on herself or did Bruno Mars take it too far? What do you believe he said?

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