Camille Grammer Upset That Ex-Boyfriend Boyfriend Escaped Felony Charges For Alleged Attack

Camille Grammer said she is shocked and upset that former boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos escaped felony charges after she claimed he attacked her in a Houston hotel room last year.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star said she disagreed with a grand jury’s refusal to indict Dimitry on felony assault charges.

“I was just shocked. I’m very disappointed,” the star told E! News.

The grand jury reportedly did not feel there was sufficient evidence to send the case to court for a felony conviction, though Charalambopoulos was still charged in the alleged attack.

For Camille Grammer, the ruling came after a difficult year in which she ended treatment for endometrial cancer. The alleged assault came on October 16, as Camille was recovering from surgery.

The situation reportedly started when Charalambopoulos received texts and an angry voicemail from another woman. Camille and Dimitri then got into a fight, during which he allegedly slammed her head against a headboard and pulled out clumps of her hair.

At the time, Camille tried to keep a positive tone.

“It’s been four weeks today, a month ago. I’m feeling great. I have to say once in a while I’ll get a little pain here and there, but I’m walking around. I was able to go trick-or-treating with my kids and my life is moving forward and I’m feeling very well,” Grammer said.

“That said,” Grammer continued, “I’m just so happy I’m in remission. I got a really good report from my doctor and that’s the important thing.

“We’ll see what happens next. I am disappointed, but I’m going to put it in the past and move on.”

She has kept up an encouraging tone in the past few months as well.

“I have survived a horrible divorce, custody battle, stage 2 endometrial cancer, chemo & radiation. I am stronger than I think. #empowerment,” Camille Grammer tweeted in March.