Jean Kasem Ordered To Appear In Kitsap County Court

Jean Kasem was ordered to appear in the Kitsap County Court to face allegations that she is not properly caring for her husband, famed disc jockey Casey Kasem. Casey is reportedly suffering from Parkinson’s and an aggressive form of dementia. Casey’s three oldest children are concerned, as Jean has denied them access and communication with their ailing father.

Casey Kasem is well-known for his rich and soothing voice. Although he hosted numerous radio shows, he is best known as the voice of the American Top 40. In addition to his work on radio, Casey also provided the voice for numerous cartoon characters, including Scooby-Doo’s sidekick Shaggy.

Casey and his first wife, Linda Myers, were married for seven years and are the parents of three children. He and his second wife, Jean, were married in 1980. The couple has one daughter.

At the age of 82, Casey is reportedly suffering with numerous medical issues, which make it difficult for him to communicate. Last year, Casey’s three oldest children claimed Jean is preventing them from seeing or speaking with their father.

Although the children applied for conservatorship over their father in October 2013, the petition was denied. However, following a strange turn of events, Casey’s children were reportedly granted conservatorship this month.

Early this month, Casey Kasem was reported missing, and his whereabouts were unknown. His three oldest children speculated that their father left the country with Jean Kasem. Following an extensive search, Casey and his wife were located in Washington state.

As reported by Fox News, Casey and Jean Kasem are currently staying with relatives. However, Jean was recently ordered to appear in Kitsap County Court to answer allegations of neglect. Casey’s children contend Jean is not providing their father with necessary medical care.

King 5 News reports that Jean Kasem was ordered to appear in court on Friday morning. As the appearance is mandatory, she can be arrested for failure to appear.

Although she was served with the subpoena on Wednesday evening, Jean has not publicly discussed the court date. In a prior statement, Casey Kasem’s wife vehemently denied the allegations. She said her husband is being cared for and the claims of neglect are “fraudulent” and “false.”

Casey Kasem’s three oldest children are specifically concerned, as they have not seen their father since last year. As Jean Kasem has not provided an explanation for her behavior, it is unclear why she is keeping the children away from their father.

[Image via Huffington Post]