‘MK 10’ Characters And More: What I Want To See In NetherRealm’s New Sequel

New MK 10 characters are probably inevitable, considering the last game gave us nearly every memorable character from the first four games. Some were left out, and I would love to see them added back in this time.

While the new game will probably center around Shao Kahn’s dealings in Outworld with the various powers that be, seeing some of those boss characters come back in an endurance mode would bring in the hardcore fighting fans looking for the ultimate challenge. The ability to fight Shao Kahn, Kintaro, Motaro, Blaze, and the Dragon King one after the other could seriously test your might in this new outing. Giving Shang Tsung back as a shape-shifting playable combatant could also be a welcome touch.

Of course, aside from the X-Ray attacks, I’d like to see all of the MK 10 characters get their own “grandfathered” fatalities; instead of having to memorize one or two sequences of buttons and directions to “finish him/her,” let us activate special moves as alternate fatalities. If the game tells you to finish your opponent and you don’t remember any of the regular fatalities, you can just use a special move like Johnny Cage’s Shadow Kick to land an extra heavy kick straight through their torso, after which he could whip his leg around and fling the corpse off.

Basically it’s the same thing as the original move, only, you know, fatal.

Something else which could incorporate different MK 10 characters cooperatively would be combining special moves from tag team characters for a team attack instead of just switching back and forth, as was done previously. The character you’re using could perform their projectile attack while the other one uses something different, causing double damage and using a percentage of the “special” meter. It helped make the Street Fighter crossovers more fun, and it could work in Mortal Kombat 10 as well, especially against over-the-top bosses like the Dragon King.

With the new consoles available, we could probably do a lot more and make it look better.

Mortal Kombat 9 was also lacking something we’ve seen before, first seen in MK3. Special uppercuts sometimes sent opponents crashing through the ceiling or floor to a new stage, leading to a fatality if done under the right circumstances. A new factor added in with later games was environmental quick deaths, but instead, I’d like to see the environment simply used to attack, and the round is over when you beat them down enough.

Are there any MK 10 characters or other things you’d like to see in the upcoming sequel?

[image via scenicreflections]