Calvin Klein Signs Supermodel Lara Stone For “Naked Glamour” Campaign

Calvin Klein has a new “Naked Glamour” campaign out, with a newly signed model to hawk the line’s pieces in a very Klein-like black and white whispery video.

Supermodel Lara Stone- who, while pretty, also has a kind of Walking Dead-esque look about her face, amirite?- serves as the canvas for the “Naked Glamour” pieces, and Calvin Klein President and CEO said of the 27-year-old model’s campaign:

“Lara Stone is one of the world’s top models and her distinct look and sex appeal resonates with our consumers and has synergized our branded lifestyle advertising campaigns around the world.”

Not precisely sure what that means, but it sounds pretty impressive. The stills of Lara Stone for Calvin Klein were shot by French photographer Patrick Demarchelier, and the array of undergarments she’s shilling- including tees, panties, slips and bras- will go on sale in US markets at the end of August.

Here’s a video clip of Lara Stone’s Calvin Klein work for the “Naked Glamour” campaign: