Maya Angelou Dies At 86, But Lives On In These On Camera Moments

Maya Angelou, the “people’s poet,” left a hole in the soul of America when she died at the age of 86 this Wednesday, but she will always live on in her immortal poetry, words of wisdom, autobiographical works and, yes, her TV appearances. While most know Dr. Angelou best for her written work, she was one of the most multi-talented artists of the past century. There are many things the casual observer may not know about Maya Angelou, as this Inquisitr article points out. In addition to her autobiographies and lauded poetry, Maya was an accomplished cook (she considered it a form of communication), dancer, stage actress and singer. On top of all that, Maya Angelou gave us some of the most memorable moments in TV history. Here are five of the most memorable TV moments featuring Maya Angelou:

5. Maya Angelou speaks about The Bible miniseries. In 2013, the History Channel featured a five week, ten hour series about the Bible, hosted by Roma Downey (with whom Angelou also shared the small screen as a guest on Touched By An Angel, which narrowly missed our cut). Maya said that the series “brings to life all that shaped my life.” She claims in the video that the Bible helped her to live, to survive and to thrive and that “if you have love, you will see love” in the series. Dr. Angelou speaks three times in the promo, interspersed with snipers of the miniseries.