‘Mortal Kombat 10’ News: Has The Sequel Been Confirmed?

The latest Mortal Kombat 10 news involves what could be the final hint that the sequel is indeed on its way and will be announced on June 2. Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon has always been crafty when it came to promo material surrounding the gore-fest fighting series.

Up until Mortal Kombat 4, it was common for Midway to drop hints in magazine ads with cryptic messages and symbols. Messages were always usually given away by the gothic font the games are known for, but in the end, it was always a promo for the latest game in the series.

It appears Ed Boon has done it again, this time on Twitter. At first he was dropping familiar messages with math problems, which told astute observers that a new Mortal Kombat may be on its way, and the numbers from said math problems indicated a countdown.

The countdown wasn’t for E3 2014, as previously assumed by The Inquisitr. It was simply a date that the game might be announced. The newest batch of Mortal Kombat 10 news involves a mysterious promo poster put on Reddit with what is probably a camera phone. The poster shows the image of a human spine in X-Ray, with part of it shattered.

One of the big additions to the last Mortal Kombat title was the X-Ray attack, which involved a series of gruesome blows which would normally kill or severely injure any normal human being. It seems everybody in the Mortal Kombat universe has Wolverine’s healing factor.

Elsewhere on the promo poster were the words, “Who’s next?” and the traditional dragon logo used in every Mortal Kombat game to date.

When Ed Boon saw the latest leak in Mortal Kombat 10 news, he joked about it on Twitter.

Until we get a definite confirmation, all we have is a very likely rumor, but the facts seem to be pointing to a new Mortal Kombat sequel being announced in five days from the tweet (posted on May 28). The dragon logo on the promo poster was almost conclusive proof, aside from the fact that Injustice: Gods Among Us never showed severe injury, a prerequisite from DC Comics themselves.

Since Scorpion was released for the first Injustice, could we also see a possible crossover of a DC character in the next Mortal Kombat? Would it be possible without breaking the rules given for the characters?

All we know for now, or think we know, is that the latest Mortal Kombat 10 news points to an all but confirmed sequel.

[image via gamerfuzion]