Justin Bieber Premieres Banging New Song ‘Looking For You’ Ft. Migos

Out of nowhere, Justin Bieber debuts new song, ‘Looking For You,’ featuring Atlanta rap trio Migos. And it’s banging.

Justin Bieber wants to party with Migos?

Well, all right.

Surprising everyone, Bieber unwrapped a free, new song, “Looking For You,” tapping Atlanta trio Migos late Thursday.

At the top, the 20-year-old asks, “What’s up Migos?” (in a British accent) as Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset return the swaggy invite, “What up JB? It’s time to go to the club. It’s time to pull them toys out, man.”

The uptempo banger’s signature synths-laden pad gets a spotlight, then Bieber goes in.

“Hey, where the party at? Lets go / Where the swag? Lets roll / Yea, everywhere I go, them girls follow,” the superstar sings.

Switching as easily between chest voice and falsetto as the track switches up break beats, sub-bass, claps, and percussion, Bieber romps confidently on the topline of “Looking For You.”

Like it says on the tin, whether Cannes, Monaco, Atlanta or elsewhere, the Canadian buck is looking for the perfect girl and apparently she can be found in clubs.

“Tonight might be the night, you might mess around and fall in love / And I might be the guy that’ll make you wanna fall in love again,” Bieber riffs as synths once again signal that huge bridge to chorus drop.

The track cuts out for a repeat of [I’ll be], “Looking for you” before vocals and beat changes drive the song to “Versace” boys’ riotous raps.

“My b***h is so gorgeous, I might pay her mortgage/ I run to the money like Forrest, my life is historic/ Travel ’round the world like I’m in orbit / I take your b***h and dunk her like Ben Gordon.”

“I watch her like a telescope / I beat it and kill it like I’m Lil TerRio / I got your b***h, she watching me like Tyler Perry show/I’m young and I’m rich, riding in a Phantom Ghost / I paint a picture for n****s like Michelangelo,” Migos raps.

Looking For You” has already been wiped from Bieber’s SoundCloud but is on YouTube and a few other platforms.

[Note: JB subsequently changed his SoundCloud name back to “JustinBieber” and reposted the track.]

Justin Bieber

(Photo: via Instagram Bieber and T.I with his family in Atlanta in February..)

Bieber spent a few weeks in Atlanta, Georgia, back in February getting songs together and collaborating for his 2015 slated album, which is expected to feature rap, R&B and pop.

Hours after the “Looking For You” debut, the singer tweeted an Instagram picture of himself and “YG” in a recording studio. Incidentally, the California MC co-founded the Pu$haz Ink record label with DJ Mustard who has worked with Justin.

At press time the track is No.1 on Billboard’s Trending 140 chart. Whether or not “Looking For You” makes Bieber’s forthcoming album isn’t known, but it should make DJ’s club sets — everywhere.

Justin Bieber

[Image via YG Instagram: Bieber and YG.]