Peyton Manning: Green Football Is ‘Denver Broncos Offensive Business’

During the first day of the Denver Broncos’ organized team activities, Peyton Manning was spotted carrying around a football covered in green Lycra. But Manning didn’t want to talk about it, according to a report from USA Today.

“That’s Denver Broncos offensive business,” Manning said during a press conference.

Both Peyton Manning and his number one receiver, Demaryius Thomas, were seen carrying a green football during the team’s 90-minute practice.

Manning was asked about the ball again at the press conference. And, again, he didn’t want to say anything.

“Like I said, that’s official Denver Broncos offensive business, right? It’s kind of an A and B conversation and you can C your way out of it,” Manning said.

However, unlike Peyton Manning, Broncos head coach John Fox was kind enough to share the reason behind the green ball. According to a report from The Denver Post, Fox said the team is “making an emphasis from Day One on ball security.”

“We started with two of our better players in Demaryius and Peyton. What better guys to start with?” Fox added.

Of the 27 times the Broncos fumbled the ball last year, 16 of them were lost, which was the most by a team last year. Peyton Manning accounted for six of the lost fumbles and one that occurred during the Super Bowl. That was a career first for Peyton, who had never lost more than three fumbles during a regular season.