Burger King’s New Double Patty Burger Is Extra Beefy And Fire-Grilled To Perfection

Burger King apparently believes “bigger is better.” In order to prove their point, Burger King Canada recently announced the launch of the new Big King sandwich across the country.

The new burger isn’t much bigger in appearance, but it sure does pack a lot of beef. The beefed up burger is made with a quarter pound of 100 percent beef. The beef is fire-grilled over a precision flame and temperature controlled grill. The redesigned Big King sandwich features two savory beef patties, freshly cut lettuce, crisp onions and a tangy sauce, all on a three-layer warm, toasted sesame-seed bun.

The Big King Sandwich doesn’t need much introduction. It has been a star attraction at almost all the Burger King outlets in the United States since it was introduced in the month of February. Now, the company has decided to extend the availability to their Canadian patrons. The Big King sandwich is now available in Canada as part of the new Big King $5 Meal Deal or $3.99 for a single sandwich, reported Market Wired.

Speaking about the new introduction to the Canadian market, Tracy Chin-Sam, Associate Marketing Director, Burger King, Canada, said, “The Big King is truly big in every way – bigger flavor, bigger taste.”

“However, the company has tried to make it as affordable to its dedicated customers as possible, continued Chin-Sam. “The only thing that’s small about it is the price.”

Burger King is rolling-out a whole new menu for Canada, just as they did for customers in the United States recently. But in the US, the company apparently assumed people wanted to eat burgers for breakfast. Though it is a little early to speculate, this move might not have been the smartest for Burger King.

Nonetheless, Burger King doesn’t have many options now that it has locked horns with the largest fast-food company, McDonald’s. Burger King is involved in an intense war with McDonald’s and others to entice and retain customers. Moreover, it wants to expand in the breakfast segment, and hence, felt it was right to offer burgers for breakfast.

In the case of Canada, though, the double patty burger might just prove to be a huge success. In fact, to ensure that the Big King Collection does bring in the dollars, Burger King Canada is introducing two new menu choices, the BBQ Bacon Whopper and the new Burger King Buffalo Chicken Strips.

Burger King’s Canadian operations are managed by Redberry Investments Corp., the master franchisee of Burger King in the northern nation. With this humongous sandwich, Burger King might have just found a winner.

[Image Credit | Burger King]