Cristiano Ronaldo’s Shirtless Celebration, A Stunt For Upcoming Movie?

If you watched the UEFA Champions League final between Spanish clubs Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, you probably noticed the seemingly over-the-top celebration by Cristiano Ronaldo, when he took his shirt off after scoring on a penalty shot in the dying minutes of the 4-1 match.

We all know that the Portuguese superstar likes the attention and is not shy about showing off his toned body. There were over 65,000 spectators at the Estadio da Luz — where Ronaldo first played professional football — and many millions watching on their television sets or online.

Now, news has surfaced that the “impromptu” shirtless stunt on Cristiano’s part was not so spontaneous, but a planned promotion for an upcoming movie about the best player in the world.

According to a report in the Spanish publication El Confidencial, Cristiano Ronaldo’s shirtless celebration happened as part of the script for an upcoming film called Ronaldo, The Movie.

To many, it seemed a bit disproportionate since Real Madrid was already up by 3-1 at that point. At the same time, it is possible to believe that Ronaldo was more than excited to score in front of his home crowd in the UEFA Champions League final and against Real’s rivals from across town. That is certainly a lot to be excited about.

Not only did Ronaldo’s display confuse those watching the UCL final, but it infuriated many of the Atletico Madrid fans who were in the stands. To them, it seemed excessive, provocative and unnecessary.

But, Cristiano Ronaldo was doing it all for a special camera, placed strategically in case he scored in the final of the European competition. When he put the ball in the net as the match came to an end, he took his shirt off and went looking for the camera guy, flexing his muscles for all to see.


Even though everyone knows that Ronaldo is a veritable gold mine, worth 20 million euros per year, the shirtless stunt didn’t sit well as it took away from what should have been a spontaneous celebration. After all, it was the night that saw Real Madrid finally achieve their long awaited “La Decima,” their historic 10th UCL title.

For Cristiano Ronaldo, the occasion was also a golden opportunity to promote his highly marketable name, and we will have to wait and see if the shirtless celebration shows up in Ronaldo, The Movie.

Do you think Cristiano Ronaldo went too far when he took his shirt off in the UCL final?

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