Mike Rowe Has A Gut-Check After Meeting Quadruple Amputee (Video)


Mike Rowe, known for hosting the show Dirty Jobs, had an incredible encounter recently when he was in Washington, D.C. attending the Science and Engineering Festival.

Mike explained on Facebook how he was working his way through a crowd of thousands of people trying to get to the other side of the convention center to meet with numerous CEOs. Today.com reports Rowe said it seemed like everyone wanted to stop and get their picture with him and talk with him, but Rowe's security guys had to keep him moving through the crowd.

Suddenly, one of the event organizers approached Mike as he was walking and said there was someone who wanted to meet him. A big fan. Mike was informed that the guy was backstage, and Mike would have to go to where the fan was.

UPI.com reports Rowe's response was, "Why? His legs broken?"

"Uh...Not exactly," replied the event organizer to Rowe.

Mike agreed to meet the fan, and he was greeted by Staff Sgt. Travis Mills. It only took a moment for Rowe to realize that Travis was not just a typical fan. He was a war hero.In 2012, Travis Mills lost both his arms and both his leg during his third tour in Afghanistan, when a bomb exploded underneath him, as reported by KPLR.

Travis began telling Mike how he and his buddies would watch Dirty Jobs, and how he was such a huge fan of Rowe's. Today.com reports that Rowe was not prepared for this whole situation. And Rowe tells Today.com that he began to question Travis. Rowe asked Travis why he had not seen him or his story on any of the PSAs featuring wounded vets.

Travis told Rowe, "How I survived, I have no idea." Travis doesn't consider himself to be wounded. "I'm not a victim, Mike. And I refuse to be portrayed that way. Case closed."

Rowe was impressed with Travis' lack of self-pity and posted his entire encounter with Travis on his Facebook page. Rowe was amazed that a man with no arms or legs was still able to feel he was lucky and blessed.

Mike Rowe was honest enough to admit, "That's called a gut-check, and I could use one from time to time." Actually, Mike, we all could.

The team here at The Inquisitr would also like to thank Staff Sergeant Travis Mills for his service to our nation. Travis Mills, sir, we salute you!

[Photo Credits: Bing and Mike Rowe on Facebook.com]