Aaron Hernandez: Spilled Drink Motivated Additional Shooting Murders

Aaron Hernandez, former New England Patriot, apparently goes beyond crying over spilled drinks and will allegedly shoot you if you spill his.

Unfortunately for two murder victims, Daniel de Abreu, 28, and Safiro Furtado, 29, they weren’t aware of this. The two were shot and killed in the Summer of 2012, in Boston, while idling at a red light after a night out at a club where de Abreu is believed to have bumped into Hernandez, reports Yahoo Sports.

Hours after the incident in the night club, an SUV believed to be Hernandez’s, pulled up next to the victims’ car and unloaded several shots into the vehicle, resulting in the deaths of the two men.

Already awaiting trial for the murder of Odin Lloyd in 2013, Aaron Hernandez now also has heavy evidence stacked against him that points to his being the shooter of de Abreu and Furtado.

A strange fact is that this double murder took place before Odin Lloyd was shot, so if Hernandez did indeed kill de Abreu and Furtado as believed, he’d already committed double homicide leading up to Lloyd’s death.

Aaron Hernandez has pleaded not guilty for the murders.

Patrick Haggan, first assistant D.A. for Suffolk County, told the court during Wednesday’s arraignment that “significant evidence” incriminating Aaron Hernandez had been collected. The evidence includes video surveillance, forensic testing and eyewitness accounts, which together establish Hernandez very likely as the shooter of the two men. A third man was also shot but survived.

In a presentation during the arraignment, the D.A. outlined how the prosecution’s believes the events on the evening of July 16, 2012, transpired.

Aaron Hernandez was accompanied by a friend to a Boston nightclub. The vehicle they were using for the evening was an SUV Hernandez had received as a promotional deal and he stashed a gun in the engine block, said Haggan.

According to Haggan, Aaron Hernandez had been increasingly hypersensitive to how he was treated by others in Boston clubs and felt like others were always “testing, trying or otherwise disrespecting him.”

Hernandez and the unknowing victims arrived at the club about the same time but it wasn’t until minutes later that Aaron and de Abreu’s paths crossed, the latter accidentally bumping into Hernandez

The victims and Hernandez happened to enter the nightclub at the same time, but there was no initial interaction, Haggan said. But a few minutes later, de Abreu accidentally bumped into Hernandez on the dance floor, causing some minor spillage of Hernandez’s drink. De Abreu apparently smiled but did not apologize which upset the football player. After that, no more immediate action occurred between the two and even the security on scene had no idea Hernandez was mad about the incident, according to Haggan.

But apparently Hernandez was quite upset, and while his friend couldn’t get him to completely let it go, he was able to get Aarron out of the club and across the street to the new one.

But even there, noted Haggan, Hernandez continued expressing to his friend that de Abreu had “targeted and disrespected” him.

As the night unfolded, Hernandez and his friend ultimately ended up back in the SUV, Aaron having retrieved the gun from the engine block, and tailing de Abreu and his group after they left a parking garage and picked up two more friends:

“At this time, the victims were completely unaware that there was any problem with the defendant or anyone else, and were similarly unaware they were being followed,” explained Haggan to the court. “The defendant’s SUV pulled up close alongside the passenger side of the victim’s car. The defendant leaned out of the driver’s side window of the SUV with a loaded revolver in his hand, extended out, and stated, ‘Yo, what’s up now?’ and then a racial slur. The defendant immediately fired at least five rounds from a.38-caliber revolver into the victim’s car.”

According to Haggan, witnesses say Hernandez continued pulling the trigger of the gun even after it was emptied. Once home, Hernandez looked for any news of the shooting both on television and online.

About a month later, Hernandez got a five-year contract extension, potentially worth $40 million dollars, from the Patriots. He would go on to play 10 games for the team that season before finally being arrested for Odin Lloyd’s unrelated murder.

Fox News reports that a defense attorney for Aaron Hernandez, Charles Rankin, said Haggan’s presentation was just a “play to the assembled media… This is not supposed to be a spectacle, this is not supposed to be a sporting contest,” he said, citing the potential for a poisoned jury pool.

The judge disagreed, however, saying his court doesn’t operate behind closed doors, assuring public access to the murder trials of Aaron Hernandez.