Zac Efron’s ‘Awkward’ Teen Photo Shows What He’d Tolerate To ‘Get Closer To Girls’

Zac Efron may turn heads without trying now, but that wasn’t always the case, according to a former classmate. Four years before Disney’s High School Musical landed Efron in the lime-light and onto the bedroom walls of girl’s across the nation, 14-year-old Zac was going to great lengths to get closer to girls at California State Summer School for the Arts, according to former classmate Lana Limon. A photo of Efron with crimped hair has resurfaced with a story about a young teen’s quest for attention from the fairer sex.

Lana Limon, according to the Daily News, explained that Zac Efron’s crimped hair-do was the result of a hair-braiding session that young Zac tolerated in a successful attempt to get closer to girls. Limon says the photo was taken after the braids had been left in his hair for a long time and was just for fun. Lana confessed that it was clear he only put up with the silly grooming session as a way to flirt at the end of their summer session together. According to Lana, she asked him at that point to write a message in her book. She says Efron “ended up drawing huge lips on one page with his name inside and his phone number.” said of Efron’s younger self, “Taken during Efron’s teenage years, the pic shows a thoroughly dorky youngster with — horror of horrors — crimped hair.” The article called young Efron a teen dork.

While media outlets are mocking the photo, fans still find it endearing. Nina from New York City said of Zac Efron’s so-called embarrassing throw-back photo, “You can see how handsome he is going to become in the old photos — his eyes and eyebrows in the old photos stand out and are quite striking and beautiful. The blueprint for handsome is clearly there.” Zac Efron’s handsome blueprint was recently drawn by a 20-year-old portrait virtuoso Heather Rooney.

Efron’s crimped hair-do could indicate that he was willing to tolerate hours of hair-braiding just to be “lucky enough” to spend time with a girl. More likely, it indicates that the heart-throb was a ladies’ man even in his youth. Portrayed from a different angle than Limon’s, the photo of Zac Efron at 14-years-old demonstrates that a girl he was interested in was willing to touch his hair for hours at a time, take photo evidence of it, and then hang on to the photographic evidence for years. It seems most likely that the throw-back photo of Zac Efron wasn’t proof he was a former dork, but proof he knew how to attract the ladies even then… same as always: