Bahamas Boat Accident Leads To Death Of One American Tourist

A Bahamas boat accident has left Paloma de Mazieres, 25, dead and the accident remains under investigation.

Reports from the Associated Press via Yahoo! News indicate that Paloma de Mazieres, from Key Biscayne, Florida, died in the Bahamas boat accident after the vessel hit a reef and she was ejected. She was taken to Bimini for medical attention, but was pronounced dead. It seems that the vessel she was in hit the Turtle Rock reef near South Bimini sometime Sunday night.

At this point, no arrests related to the accident have been made, and few other details regarding just what happened have been revealed. An autopsy is slated to be done later this week.

Though authorities have not released the cause of death for de Mazieres, or revealed who else may have been with her at the time of the Bahamas boat accident, there are signs of heartbreak over the Florida woman’s death on social media. Many have left comments on her boyfriend’s Instagram page, where he had posted a photo celebrating Paloma de Mazieres’ birthday just a month ago. Robert Rico had wished a happy birthday to “my baby and my partner in crime,” and she had replied back in a comment, “Love you babe.” Now that post is bringing comments from loved ones checking in on Rico and remembering positive moments from their time with Paloma.

Unfortunately, the holiday weekend brought about a number of deadly boating accidents, as noted by Newsmax. Two people were injured and one woman died in an Elliot Key, Florida, boating accident, while two separate incidents in Mississippi sent two people to the hospital after boating accidents. In some of the incidents, people have been cited for negligent operation, but the investigations continue into others. These kinds of accidents certainly serve as a warning to take care in observing standard boat safety protocols during this busy boating season.

Paloma de Mazieres had a Web site called I Am The Foodie; her blog and Instagram account appeared to be fairly new and featured dishes she made at home, as well as those from restaurants she visited. By the looks of the social media activity from Paloma and her boyfriend, she was a young woman living a happy life who will be sorely missed. As for the Bahamas boat accident itself, more details will be released as the investigation continues.

[Image via Trip Advisor]