Miami Heat Rumors: Chris Bosh Will Return, But Is That Good News?

Miami Heat rumors concerning Chris Bosh opting to leave the team this summer in free agency were basically put to rest on Tuesday. Bosh, who has a player option in his contract to test free agency this summer, told ESPN radio on The Dan LeBatard Show, “Yeah, I mean, I don’t want to go anywhere.”

“I like it here. It’s Miami. Everybody wants to come here. Yeah.”

As the Miami Heat continue to march through the playoffs, rumors about the intentions of the Big Three have remained mostly quiet. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade both have the same player option as Chris Bosh this summer. While it is not likely that either Wade or James will talk about their intentions before the playoffs are over, both are expected to stay with the team. Besides those three, the only other Miami Heat players locked up through next season are Udonis Haslem, Chris Andersen, and Norris Cole.

If the Chris Bosh rumors are true and he does return to the Miami Heat, would that actually be a good thing for the franchise? The Heat have undoubtedly had the best “big three” in the NBA over the last four seasons and they look poised to head to their fourth straight NBA finals.

But Pat Riley is not dumb.

The Miami Heat have the oldest roster in the NBA — yes, older than the Spurs — and injuries are beginning to be a concern. Dwyane Wade has been severely limited this season and with Chris Andersen and Ray Allen both questionable for Game Five on Wednesday night, Erik Spoelstra will have to get creative.

LeBron James continues to get better, but what about the rest of the Miami Heat? Rumors have been running rampant for months now about the Heat’s desire to bring in another big-money player. Whether it be Carmelo Anthony or Kevin Love, there is a reason that speculation surrounds what Riley will do next. The Miami Heat will have a lot of roster spots to fill before next season and if just one of the big three leaves, either by choice or by trade, there will be plenty of money available.

Everyone knows LeBron James is untouchable in a trade, and Dwyane Wade isn’t going anywhere. But Chris Bosh has turned into a jump-shooting big man that relies too much on LeBron to get him the ball. Couldn’t Miami do better in the middle? While many will argue that the Heat shouldn’t mess with success, especially if they win the 2014 NBA Championship, the team has to be concerned about how much this team relies on LeBron. Of course, maybe he is at the point now in his career when he can just win the championship by himself.

Expect the Big Three to return to Miami, rumors or not. But if they make it to the Finals and lose, there will probably be a lot of Chris Bosh trade rumors. No matter what happens, the Heat will be busy this summer filling out all those roster spots.

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