‘Battlefield Hardline’ Trailer Leaked, But Does It Improve On ‘Battlefield 4’? [Video]

The first Battlefield Hardline trailer has been leaked, and we’re getting our first glimpse of what could be EA’s comeback after the disappointingly glitchy Battlefield 4.

What we know so far about this upcoming game is that it’s being done from the perspective of the military police this time, trading the cams for the black and whites. We’ll still be seeing the gunplay and teamwork that the series is known for, but now you’ll be taking on what probably amounts to the criminals from Grand Theft Auto and Need for Speed.

In a surprising twist, Battlefield Hardline will put you in the shoes of either police trained for extreme combat or criminals attempting to pull off a major heist gone wrong. Visceral Games and DICE appear to be taking on a new audience, hoping to grab some of the gamers away from Payday: The Heist and Grand Theft Auto V.

The Battlefield Hardline trailer begins with the developers explaining about Omaha and its many gameplay modes, one of which is actually a cops vs criminals race. Central character Nick Mendoza drives the single player story this time, an officer who was apparently betrayed by the members of his department and now lives on the dividing line between the law and the people he once fought to take down.

Every level of Nick Mendoza’s story is like an episode of a TV show, and draws heavily from the action we’ve come to expect from them. Crooked cops are set to deliver some interesting twists and whip-smart one liners.

The developers also explain that the world of Battlefield Hardline is bigger than ever before, and the enemy AI has been rebuilt. While there is more space to explore than ever before, one of the key elements that you’ve come to expect from the series is intact. You can destroy the environment and dynamically change everything about the mission, giving it a very dynamic feel.

Hopefully faulty servers won’t get in the way of gamers enjoying the Battlefield Hardline release date like they did last time. The first leaked Battlefield Hardline trailer makes us hope that EA gets it right and doesn’t spend months fixing another rushed product.

[image via looles]