Red Sox Broadcaster’s Son Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murder

The high-profile case of Jared Remy, a Boston Red Sox broadcaster’s son accused of murder, saw the 35-year-old man pleading guilty in court on Tuesday. Remy was arrested last year after violently stabbing his live-in girlfriend Jennifer Martel multiple times in broad daylight.

Remy is the son of famed Boston Red Sox player and broadcaster Jerry Remy.

After the broadcaster’s son was arrested, friends and relatives told police and the media that Martel, who was only 27 years old and the mother of a 4-year-old daughter, was working toward escaping from her abusive relationship with Remy. They said she had told people of her plans to escape from him and was working toward becoming a teacher to have a more stable home for her daughter.

Her concerns tragically ended up being well-founded.

The day before her murder, Remy had been briefly held by authorities after slamming her face into a mirror. He was released with a simple order not to abuse Martel. The next day, the broadcaster’s son stabbed Martel to death in view of several neighbors, at least one of whom tried to help. He has been held since last August without bail while he awaited trial.

Kristina Hilla, a friend of Martel’s, told the Boston Globe at the time of the murder that there were warning signs from early on that the relationship with Remy was toxic and dangerous. The broadcaster’s son was also known for his history of violence against women, steroid abuse, and aggression.

“He would go off on a rage on the smallest thing,” Hill told the Globe. “She wanted to leave.”

The high-profile case has caused deep concern over domestic violence in the small community of Waltham, Massachusetts, where Remy and Martel lived.

Remy is the son of a well-respected broadcaster, Jerry Remy, known for his commentary and time as a Boston Red Sox second baseman from 1978 to 1984. On his first year on the team, the elder Remy was voted an all-star. Today, the broadcaster is considered the president of Red Sox nation by the team’s own account on their website.

The younger Remy was sentenced yesterday to life in state prison for the rest of his natural life with no possibility of parole for the murder of Martel. He had changed his plea to guilty after previously refusing to admit to the murder.

The broadcaster’s son will not be given the death penalty, as Massachusetts abolished the punishment for murder in the early 1980s as being unconstitutional.